Welcome to the High-Field Lasers and Applications Group!

Our group focuses on the development of state-of the art ultraintense solid-state lasers and their application to drive an electron accelerator in underdense plasmas. To that end, one part of the group operates the ATLAS Ti:Sa Laser at the LMU Laboratory of Extreme Photonics (LEX). It provides sub-30-fs laser pulses with an energy of up to 6 J to the experiment (>200 TW) and is used by our group to drive a laser-wakefield electron accelerator for electron beam energies of more than 1 GeV.

We also work on the characterization of these beams with unprecedentedly short pulse durations around 5 fs, and their use for brilliant X-ray generation. By sending such electron beams into a wiggling field created by magnets, lasers or plasmas, X-rays tunable from 100 eV to multi-100 keV can be generated in a pencil-like beam. If in the future these compact sources can be driven by high-average power lasers, they might complement large-scale synchrotrons for certain applications such as bio-medical imaging or time-resolved studies of matter. Some day such laser-generated electron beams might even drive a compact soft X-ray free-electron laser.

The second part of the group develops the Petawatt-Field-Synthesizer OPCPA system at MPQ, as a novel approach to generate few-cycle (i.e. 5fs) laser pulses with unparalleled peak power and temporal contrast. Such light pulses are ideal for efficiently generating strong attosecond soft X-ray pulses for the investigation of fast processes in matter on the so far shortest accessible timescales.

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