Welcome to the TUM-MPQ Research Group of Reinhard Kienberger

We investigate processes inside atoms, molecules and solids on the shortest timescale ever reached, the attosecond timescale.

New insight into ever-smaller microscopic units of matter as well as in ever-faster evolving chemical, physical or atomic processes pushes the frontiers in many fields in science. The interest in these ultrashort processes is the driving force behind the development of sources and measurement techniques that allow time-resolved studies at ever shorter timescales.

Besides the activities at the TUM ranging from ultrafast infrared spectroscopy to fluorescence spectroscopy and ultrafast photoelectron spectroscopy, the group has a long-lasting collaboration with LAP, where attosecond experiments on photoelectron dynamics on surfaces and layered systems as well as in molecular systems are carried out using beamlines AS2 and AS3.

Information on our projects, activities, team members, seminars, teaching and jobs can be found at: www.e11.ph.tum.de

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