With their Research Article published in “Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.”, Liudmila Voronina, Mihaela Žigman et al. made it on the cover of the 2021-60/31 June 2021 issue. The picture shows a snapshot of blood serum composition that reflects the health state of an individual. It can be obtained using infrared spectroscopy in a simple and inexpensive manner, but the molecular nature of the disease-related changes therein remains poorly understood. In their Article the researchers report using proteomics to reveal a set of proteins that contribute the most to infrared absorption of blood serum and show that they create a distinct signature of lung cancer. The cover image was designed by the corresponding authors and created by Dennis Luck.

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Original publication:

Molecular Origin of Blood-Based Infrared Spectroscopic Fingerprints

L. Voronina, C. Leonardo, J. Mueller-Reif, P. Geyer, M. Huber, M. Trubetskov, K. Kepesidis, J. Behr, M. Mann, F. Krausz, M. Žigman

Angewandte Chemie 60, 17060 (2021)