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  • advanced multilayer optics
  • attosecond metrology 2.0
  • attoworld
  • broadband infrared diagnostics
  • field-resolved infrared metrology
  • field-resolved nano spectroscopy
  • high-repetition-rate femtosecond sources
  • July 1, 2021 // Field-resolved infrared metrology
    FRM group joins Max Planck-UBC-UTokyo Center for Quantum Materials
    The Field-Resolved Infrared Metrology Research Group has established a new collaboration between the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics and the University of British Columbia (UBC). In the frame of a postdoctoral fellowship within the … More
  • measuring the electric field of mid-infrared pulses at a rate of 38,000 times …
    We report measurements of the full electric field of octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses at acquisition rates … More
  • the coming-of-age of femtosecond enhancement cavities
    Ioachim Pupeza and Maximilian Högner from the Field-Resolved Infrared Metrology Research Group have … More
  • FRS of strongly absorbing (biological) samples
    Infrared spectroscopy is a versatile method for studying biological samples in liquid media. This led to … More
  • FRS paper highlighted by Nature News & Views
    Our recently published paper “Field-resolved infrared spectroscopy of biological systems” [1] has been … More
  • field-resolved infrared spectroscopy of biological systems
    In cooperation between the Laboratory of Attosecond Physics at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and … More
  • two advances for ultrafast mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy
    Firstly, our team used a commercially available optical positioning device (PicoScale Interferometer, SmarAct) … More
  • towards differential molecular fingerprinting
    With an achromatic Mach-Zehnder-type interferometer, our team has shown a first proof-of-principle of … More
  • new frontend for next-generation field-resolved infrared spectroscopy
    Our team, together with collaborators from the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Jena, has … More
  • attosecond photoelectron spectroscopy accelerated
    The laser physicists involved in the MEGAS collaboration have succeeded in reducing the acquisition time for … More
  • a new home for optical solitons
    Laser physicists based at the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics run by the Max Planck Institute of Quantum … More
  • laser-based molecular fingerprinting
    Scientists often need to detect and measure levels of specific substances in a sea of irrelevant molecules, … More

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