Dr. Ioachim Pupeza successfully gave his habilitation lecture "Passive Optical Resonators for Next-Generation Attosecond Metrology" at the Ludwig Maximilian University. In times of Corona, most of the listeners watched the lecture online.

The habilitation work summarized the research and development activities of Dr. Pupeza and his team, leading to the first attosecond beamline combining high pulse repetition rates (18 MHz) with high photon rates (up to 5×105 photons emitted per pulse in the 25-to-60-eV range) and high photon energies (up to >100 eV). The “MEGAS” (=MHz+Attosecond), currently in operation at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, enables time-of-flight photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) with a nearly 100% temporal duty cycle, providing a count rate improvement between two and three orders of magnitude over state-of-the-art attosecond-PES experiments under identical space charge conditions and, thus, a reduction of the measurement time from days to minutes. Currently, the research group of Prof. Ulf Kleineberg employs the beamline for investigations of attosecond valence band dynamics with angle-resolved PES.

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