This year, everything was different. Because of Covid-19, we put the annual Christmas party in front of our computers. Our online event was nevertheless an extraordinary celebration. In the run-up to the event, everybody got Christmas boxes with snacks, mulled-wine and funny Christmas hats, which were then also to be admired in front of the screen on the heads of the participants. But the boxes also contained some more ingredients for the first part of our celebration. In the early evening we remotely cooked together and an international cuisine was alive. More than 40 people cooked Indian, American, but also French and German.

Afterwards, the whole group came together for enjoying Christmas stories, funny movies, an interactive quiz and Christmas songs. Due to the use of the interactive platform, we were able to simulate being at a real party, where you can walk through the room and talk to your friends and colleagues. The celebration and chats lasted until after midnight.

With 15 people involved in the organization and over 80 participants, this was an amazing social event, bringing us all together. Many thanks to all those who have contributed!