The attosecond metrology group welcomes a new group member. Adithya Sriram (22) will strenghten the team for the next nine months. Adithya grew up in the state of Ohio and went to
college at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied physics, biophysics and chemical engineering. At the University of Pennsylvania, he primarily studied graphene based 
biochemical sensors. Since then, he has been working as a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and the Flatiron Institute, studying Floquet engineered magnetism.

Adithya is now primarily interested in condensed matter physics, and light induced nonequilibrium phenomena in matter. This is what he would like to study with Vladislav Yakovlev at the MPQ. Right now, his focus is on 2D material monolayers and heterostructures as the variety of phenomena and the possibility of easily tunable physical parameters make these an interesting platform to study light controlled topological and correlated properties.