Our student lab PhotonLab is at the forefront of the digital world. The team led by Dr. Silke Stähler-Schöpf has now received an award from the German Association of School Labs "LernortLabor" (LeLa) in the "Schülerlabor digital" competition. Fifteen student labs from across Germany competed for the award.

The team presented the concept of the "Flipped Classroom". Here, home and school activities are swapped. The students study the material at home. The knowledge is then deepened at school or in the student lab. With this method, the increase in knowledge is particularly high.

The pilot experiment is the interferometer, the basics of which are worked out in self-study using an interactive book: h5p.org/node/1057783. This is also made available to teachers on the Moodle/Mebis learning platforms. The interactive book uses motivating material like animations, videos, quizzes and ends with a researcher question that must then be solved during the subsequent (digital) visit to the student lab. "We are thrilled about the prize" says Silke Stähler-Schöpf. "It's a nice incentive to continue expanding our digital offering. Congratulations to the whole team with Linda Qerimi, Sofie Silbermann, Nina Miller and Karan Tiwana!