Every autumn, the research groups of the attoworld meet under the leadership of Prof. Ferenc Krausz in their attoworld- meeting on the research campus Garching. From September 20 to 22, 2022, the scientific group leaders presented the current results of their research with a view to the progress achieved in the past year and gave an outlook on the future development of their research area. For the "Center for Molecular Fingerprinting" (CMF), Dr. Mihaela Žigman, leader of the department "LIFE SCIENCE" and Dr. Alexander Weigel, head of "LASER SCIENCE" gave their presentations. Both are working closely with their groups on the detection and scientific evaluation of molecular fingerprinting for the early diagnosis of diseases.
The event served not only to provide information, but also to stimulate lively and result-oriented discussions among experts. And even away from the lectures, there was an opportunity for vivid exchange and strengthening of bonds. Thus, the meeting ended with a joint hike around the Upper Bavarian Schliersee, in order to get the heads free again for new inspirations. One can therefore already be curious about the results and scientific advances in the coming year.