Data science is a broad interdisciplinary field of study that unifies ideas and methods from statistics, data analysis, informatics, and domain knowledge, in order to understand actual phenomena with data. Highly-innovative organizations around the world have understood the importance of data science and have built their own in-house data science teams. As a modern cause-oriented research organization, Attoworld does not want to be late to party and has established a dedicated research group to work on relevant data-science activities, under the leadership of Dr. Kosmas Kepesidis.

The main focus of the Data Science research group is to explore the extent to which biomedical information acquired from photonic data can be utilized in medical diagnostics, personalized health monitoring, and life sciences. The group also investigates fundamental problems in medical decision-making from both a theoretical and data-driven point of view, using ideas and tools from information theory, decision theory, and statistical physics. The group consists of data science professionals as well as interested physics students.