The 12th International Conference of Clinical Spectroscopy was held in Dublin from June 19-23, 2022. In her presentation “Electric-field molecular fingerprinting of blood: new prospects for probing human health“ Dr. Mihaela Žigman, head of the attoworld research group BIRD (Broad Band Infrared Spectroscopy) at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich and Research Director at the Center for Molecular Fingerprinting (CMF) in Budapest, presented current research results in laser-based infrared spectroscopy and its promising applications in the field of diagnostic early detection of diseases at the molecular level in the presence of an international audience of experts.

Asked about her impressions of the biannual conference, Dr. Žigman stated, "Due to the global COVID pandemic, the event had to be cancelled last time. I am pleased that the conditions were now in the proper state again for the SPEC conference to be held in person this year. The event was very interesting and educational for all participants!"

Original publication:

Mihaela Žigman and Ferenc Krausz "Electric-field molecular fingerprinting of blood: new prospects for probi human health", Proc. SPIE 11655, Label-free Biomedical Imaging and Sensing (LBIS) 2021, 116550Z (5 March 2021);


Recent advances in ultrafast laser science have opened new prospects in probing living systems. Suddenly-excited molecular vibrations emit picosecond-duration coherent infrared light characteristic of the sample’s composition. Given the capacity of this electric-field molecular fingerprint (EMF) to cross-molecularly probe organic samples, we evaluate the feasibility of EMF for biomedical diagnostics. We report high stability of EMF over time and show that several cancer entities leave their signatures in the EMF of serum. Leveraging on the advances of stability, reproducibility and sensitivity of EMF, we provide foundation for applications of infrared molecular profiles in the preventive care model of health monitoring.