Pushparani Micheal Raj is “Physicist of the Week” of the German Physical Society (DPG). Since January 2018, the Equal Opportunities Working Group of the DPG has been presenting a female physicist in a short portrait every week.
As a Microfluidic Scientist in the BIRD research group, Pushpa develops devices to diagnose disease conditions for various types of cancer using Ultra-fast Infra-Red spectroscopy studies in the range of attosecond. Microfluidics is a versatile and robust tool that requires only a few microliters of patients’ biosamples without compromising data accuracy and precision. Pushpa is interested in developing point-of-care diagnostic tools for personalized medicine and preventive medicine, drug discovery, and drug delivery. She aims to contribute to powerful yet affordable tools against lethal diseases like cancer.
The dream that Pushpa wants to chase is a Cancer-Free society!
To support her dreams BIRD and CMF join hands.
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