During a double lesson, Dr. Nathalie Nagl gave a presentation to very interested 12th grade students at the Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium in Landshut. She was invited by her former school to talk about her research and career since graduating in 2012.
In a very entertaining and informative way, the students learned everything from the everyday life of a physics student to the customs of a doctoral defense. In addition, they got to know why a physicist in the lab should also have an idea about plumbing, needs a crane driver's license, or even has to order a "stripper". In addition to these insights, however, the technical aspect was not neglected. Nathalie gave a well-founded and student-oriented insight into her current research work as a postdoc and spoke about her next steps towards commercializing the laser technology. The audience was particularly impressed by the fact that the laser is already stimulating many other research directions and could potentially open up completely new fields of application. For example, Nathalie informed the students about the envisioned application of such lasers for the early detection of cancer.
In the end, Nathalie encouraged the students to also consider studying natural sciences and emphasized the importance of maintaining a certain down-to-earth attitude alongside all scientific enthusiasm. For example, she mentioned her numerous hobbies, such as scuba diving and skiing, as well as her ties to Landshut, her former hometown.
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