The Health for Hungary (H4H) program of the Centre for Molecular Fingerprinting (CMF) has reached a new milestone, as on 26th of September 2022, the study enrolled the 5000th individual making the overall number of samples more than 7300. As new people are joining, and the database is getting bigger, the CMF-team is glad to see that the willingness to stay part of the research and donate blood samples from time to time is getting stronger, which is a crucial factor in the scientific method. Nothing proves this better than the fact that on 26 September 2022, one of the participants gave a blood sample for the 4th time.
The CMF-team is continuously working to bring the H4H program closer to more and more people. In September 2022, CMF has expanded the sampling center network, so now, 17 centers in 13 cities across Hungary have permission to collect blood samples as part of the H4H program.