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  • January 19, 2012
    A new challenge for Toshi Tajima

    team — Professor Toshiki Tajima went back to California (US) after he has stayed at the Munich-Centre for Advanced Laser Science (MAP) for the last three years. Since 2008 Tajima serves as chairman of ICUIL (International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers), which combines the international efforts on the next generation of ultra-high intensity laser science, technology and education. »Our team wants to stimulate, strengthen and expand ultraintense laser science and related technologies world-wide«, explains Tajima. He is regarded as the founder of the laser particle acceleration. The United States and Japan have been important stages in his career. Tajima will remain guest professor at LMU. He promised to visit Munich as often as he can to see the planted joint work to flourish. »Europe in general and Germany in particular are very committed and advanced in the intense laser research I am interested in«, he says. »I have been fortunate to join German and European laser research activities over the last few years partaking in ELI, ultrafast and ultraintense laser work.« The LAP-Team and the Munich Centre for Advanced Photonics wish him all the best for the future and further collaboration to come.