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  • November 30, 2014
    Best master title Johannes Schötz

    team — The publishing company Springer is currently paying tribute to Johannes Schötz for writing one of the best Master thesis in Natural sciences during 2014. In the publishing program of 2015 his work »Attosecond experiments in plasmonic nanostructures« will be released under the title of »BestMasterTitel«. For his thesis paper, Schötz studied the subject of light-matter interactions at the top of miniscule pins, only a few nanometers in diameter. These pins, therefore, are significantly smaller than the wavelength of visible light. As soon as light hits the pin, its electromagnetic field changes substantially (Schötz managed to examine these changes with the help of a femtosecond laser pulse, and used an additional, second laser flash, lasting only 220 attoseconds, to »photograph« and analyze the phenomenon). The knowledge of such light and matter-interactions is of significant importance in the development of future lightwave-electronics, where it may be possible to conduct electronic processes or the transfer of information with the frequency light is oscillating at. This would make electronics 100.000 times faster than today.