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  • April 16, 2012
    More applied research

    team — After a successful PhD at LAP, Dr. Adrian Wirth left the institute to work at Pfeiffer Vacuum. During his PhD in the Group of Dr. Eleftherios Goulielmakis Adrian has monitored the motion of valence electrons in Krypton ions using attosecond XUV pulses. He also took over a front role together with Mohammed Hassan in the development of the so-called ligthfield synthesizer, an apparatus that makes it possible to steer electronic motion in atoms. At Pfeiffer Vacuum he now turns as a basic technology research scientist and technical professional for important global customers to more applied research as the development of turbomolecular vacuum pumps for the fundamental research but also for industrial applications in the semiconductor, industry as well as analytic market. In particular he will develop the next generation of turbomolecular pumps, which involves performing simulations, calculations and the testing of prototypes within an interdisciplinary research and development team. »The global customer contact as well as the interaction with Pfeiffer`s new locations abroad is another exciting and new component of my work, to which I'm looking forward!«, said Adrian. We wish him a successfull start in his new job.