teaching & talks

Photonics I – The theory of light and its advanced applications, part I
Topics: Ray optics; wave optics and Gaussian beams, ABCD matrices and resonators, interferometers; birefringence, nonlinear optics; Fourier optics; Einstein coefficient, rate equations, basics of spectroscopy; attosecond physics, non-perturbative effects.
Lecture notes (winter semester 20/21)

Photonics II - The theory of light and its advanced applications, part II
Topics: Generation and characterization of ultrashort pulses; amplification of ultra-intense, ultrashort laser pulses; measurement of ultrashort pulses; optical properties of materials; laser spectroscopy, high-field physics.
Lecture notes (summer semester 21)

selected talks

Ioachim Pupeza – The symphony of molecules
Christina Hofer – Electro-Optic Sampling with Percent-Level Detection Efficiency
Alexander Weigel – Attosecond-preision dual-oscillator infrared field-resolved spectroscopy employing electro-optic delay tracking

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