• Development of novel multilayer optics
    Advanced multilayer optics
  • Exploring the frontiers of light-speed electronics, utilizing unique sources of extremely-short laser pulses and innovative measurement infrastructure
    Attosecond experiments
  • Exploring novel routes to early cancer detection with
    femto- and attosecond metrologies
    Broadband infrared diagnostics
  • Novel tools and techniques for electric-field-resolved investigations of ultrafast light-matter interactions
    Field-resolved infrared metrology
  • Novel femtosecond high power oscillators for mid infrared
    radiation generation
    High-repetition-rate femtosecond sources
  • Exploring new phenomena related to light-driven electron motion in condensed matter and nanoscale objects
    Theory of attosecond phenomena
  • Next-generation high-power thin-disk laser technology development
    Thin-disk laser technology
  • Attoworld and beyond: our associated groups
    Associated groups