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  • M.Sc. // High sensitivity field-resolved metrology of optical waveforms

    The focus of this project is to investigate the application of the novel Generalized Heterodyne Optical Sampling Technique (GHOST)1 in an unexplored spectral range.


    Specifically, we aim to examine the spectral response and signal-to-noise ratio of GHOST when utilizing 2.3-μm pulses to probe optical waveforms. By conducting meticulous experiments and data analysis/simulations, the student will seek to gain valuable insights into the performance and limitations of GHOST in this spectral range, paving the way for its potential applications in optical waveform characterization. This research opportunity offers an exciting chance to contribute to the advancement of optical measurement techniques, and explore uncharted territories in field-resolved metrology.


    [1] D. Zimin et al., Science Advances, eade1029 (2022).

    Apl. Prof. Dr. Vladislav Yakovlev
    Email: vladislav.yakovlev@mpq.mpg.de


  • M.Sc. // Spectral broadening and self-compression towards sub-cycle pulses

    This master's thesis project involves the characterization of spectral broadening and temporal compression of near-infrared pulses, from the 30-fs transform limit to sub-10 fs durations.


    By exploring the nonlinear dynamics within various solid-state media, the project aims to gain insights into their behavior under high-intensity laser conditions and understand how these dynamics scale with pulse energy. Additionally, the project seeks to optimize the processes involved in spectral broadening, with a focus on achieving stability and optimizing output pulse duration. This research opportunity offers a chance to contribute to the field of laser physics, uncover fundamental aspects of spectral broadening, and pave the way for advancements in ultrafast laser applications.

    Only students enrolled at the LMU will be considered.

    Dr. Nicholas Karpowicz
    Email: nicholas.karpowicz@mpq.mpg.de


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