Our vision of advancing ultrafast metrology and its applications offers job opportunities in laser development, basic research on extremely fast processes in condensed matter, highly accurate and sensitive spectroscopy of biological samples, and electric-field molecular fingerprinting of clinical samples as well as in technical support. To learn more about our grand goals, please watch the video on the “our vision” tab. If they have aroused your interest, please feel free to upload your application as advised below. Whilst we are always open for unsolicited applications, this page displays some specific job openings in the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics (LAP), Center for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA), and Center for Molecular Fingerprinting (CMF).

Our students and postdocs benefit from the access to a world-class infrastructure, a substantial amount of know-how present in our very diverse group, as well as from various carrier-development opportunities offered by the Max Planck Society and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In return, we expect our new colleagues to be willing to take on ambitious projects, accepting the risks that are unavoidable in research at the forefront of basic research.

  • Center for Molecular Fingerprinting
    Job Announcement // Microfluidic engineer/specialist

    The research Center for Molecular Fingerprinting (CMF, www.mukkozpont.hu) develops in collaboration with Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich (LMU, www.lmu.de/en/), and the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ, www.mpq.mpg.de/en) cutting-edge femtosecond laser technologies with novel molecular fingerprinting techniques to advance a new type of mid-infrared spectroscopy on the electric-field level. The consortium of a highly interdisciplinary team of laser physicists, data scientists, molecular biologists and clinical personnel are focusing on demonstrating how newly developed infrared spectroscopy can be utilized for probing molecularly complex human biofluids for the development of a new in vitro diagnostic assay (https://www.lasers4life.de/).


    The professional will work in a highly international and interdisciplinary team in direct collaboration with laser scientists and engineers from CMF and LMU at the Laboratory for Extreme Photonics (www.attoworld.de) on the research campus in Garching, north of Munich. We are seeking candidates interested in the development and implementation of microfluidic platforms that enable temporal control of microfluidic-chamber/cuvette flow-through systems (microfluidic chips) and their integration with infrared spectroscopy. This will allow infrared spectroscopy to be effectively applied to specimens in aqueous environments or liquids to obtain label-free chemical information about the sample for the investigation of cells as well as human blood-based bioliquids.

    The goal is to support and further develop the following three projects:
    1. Infrared fingerprinting of human blood-based bioliquids for disease detection.
    2. Coupling of liquid chromatography to infrared spectroscopy to increase the specificity of the above-mentioned application.
    3. High-throughput infrared measurements of liquids and cells (i.e., label-free flow cytometry).
    The goal of this position is to integrate and automatize microfluidic chips and automated sample delivery into a spectrometer measurement system. A special focus lies on reproducibility and control of such systems with a special focus on automation, diagnosis and data acquisition.


    1. The main subject will be to develop, implement and experimentally apply a microfluidic platform that enables Spatio-temporal control of microfluidic-chamber/cuvette flow-through systems (microfluidic chips) and its integration with laser-based field-resolved spectroscopy;
    2. Setting up simple (optical) measurement setups;
    3. Writing and presenting the results of scientific work;
    4. Identification and establishment of potential collaborations that can help in the above-mentioned tasks;

    Required qualifications:

    1. Master’s or doctoral degree (or equivalent) in microfluidics, microengineering, physics, biology or chemistry or related fields;
    2. Minimal 2 years of relevant experience with microfluidic engineering required;
    3. Experience with pressure-driven or syringe pump systems is advantageous;
    4. Some experience in setup and adjustment of optical systems;
    5. The ability to work in an international environment;
    6. User-level computer management skills;
    7. Strong motivation and ability to work independently but also well equipped for collaboration in this multidisciplinary project;
    8. The ability to quickly adapt to a changing environment;
    9. Team-spirited and like to share your scientific issues with a multicultural and diverse environment;
    10. Quick learning and good communication skills, excellence in expressing in English, both orally and in written form and command of German and/or Hungarian is advantageous;
    11. Excellent planning skills, with a responsible mindset while keeping a high level of flexibility and accuracy.

    We offer:

    1. A unique possibility to work in the highly cross-disciplinary field, at the forefront of laser sciences shaping the future of biomedical diagnostics;
    2. A broad range of activities in a dynamically evolving second-to-none endeavor and professional environment;
    3. Ample opportunities for improving professional skills and qualifications – including professional training and workshops;
    4. Pleasant working atmosphere with many learning opportunities.

    We are looking forward to receiving your application to Eszter Márton-Szűcs, our HR Associate including the following documents:

    1. An English cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae
    2. Supporting material such as contact to professional references

    Eszter Márton-Szűcs
    Email: hr@mukkozpont.hu


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