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  • June 8, 2021 // attoworld
    we will see an enormous impact of short-pulse technology
    After having completed her PhD, our former colleague Elisabeth Bothschafter left the attoworld team for Switzerland, where she worked for two years as a postdoc at the Paul Scherrer Institute. Now she’s back in Munich and has moved to … More
  • “electrons for life” going live in Vienna
    After a very long pause due to the pandemic, the chance to listen to a lecture and talk to Ferenc Krausz in … More
  • poster award for Najd Altwaijry

    At this year's Max Planck School of Photonics Spring School Conference, Najd Altwaijry won a poster award. Her …

  • congratulations to Dr. Dmitrii Kormin
    Dmitrii Kormin has defended her doctoral thesis titled: "Development of high power pump laser for future … More
  • the run of the "photons"
    Our attoworld running team, the "photons", was active in the Wings for Life run again this year. Together, all … More
  • new in the AM2.0 team
    Johannes Schötz has joined the leadership within the Attosecond Metrology 2.0 (AM2.0) group in the … More
  • congratulations to Dr. Markus Pötzlberger
    Markus Pötzlberger has defended his doctoral thesis titled: "High-power Femtosecond Laser Sources for … More
  • laser shine brighter than ever before
    Our former colleague Tom Metzger has been appointed managing director of TRUMPF Scientific Lasers in … More
  • spring-cleaning
    Spring is approaching. As in every good living room, one cleans oneself of old burdens. The attoworld team has … More
  • a new vacuum chamber
    Our attoworld-scientists and technicians around Tobias Kleinhenz and Andreas Küchler installed a new vacuum … More
  • congratulations to Dr. Theresa Buberl
    Theresa Buberl has defended her doctoral thesis titled: "Towards next-generation molecular fingerprinting". We … More
  • prize for the digital student lab
    Our student lab PhotonLab is at the forefront of the digital world. The team led by Dr. Silke Stähler-Schöpf … More

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