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  • January 10, 2022 // attoworld
    i’m most excited about steering and measuring sub-cycle quantum electronic processes
    Shawn Sederberg becomes a tenure-track professor at Simon Fraser University in Canada. After leaving our attosecond metrology 2.0 group in 2017, he did research in Paul Corkum's group at the University of Ottawa. Here he talks about his … More
  • "I just love learning"
    One of the youngest university graduates in the world has been a guest of the attoworld team for the past six … More
  • the AMPIII team
    The AMPIII team is small but mighty. Nathalie (on the left side of the picture) is working on the development … More
  • Laurent says thank you and goodbye!
    After six weeks, our young guest Laurent Simons has said goodbye to the attoworld-team. As a farewell gift, he … More
  • congratulations to Dr. Yu Chen!
    Yu Chen has defended his doctoral thesis titled: „Development of ion beam sputtering for multilayer dispersive … More
  • welcome Dionysios!
    The cmf research team welcomes Dionysios Potamianos. He just finished his Phd work in Prof. Reinhard … More
  • i want to understand how charge carriers behave at interfaces
    The conversion of electrical energy into light - and conversely the conversion of light into solar power - … More
  • new country, new challenges
    Viola Zóka has taken a big step. She has moved from Hungary to Garching, near Munich. The biological-technical … More
  • welcome Marco!
    The attosecond metrology team at MPQ welcomes Marco Dassie. He is from Conegliano, Italy, studied Physics in … More
  • welcome home!
    Welcome Nicholas Karpowicz. Nick is back in our group. In the past two years, he was with the CNR NANOTEC in … More
  • best poster award for Džiugas Kimbaras
    Congratulations to Džiugas Kimbaras. He won the "Best Poster Award" of the Max Planck School of Photonics … More
  • detecting cancer in your blood
    Cancer can grow in numerous places in body tissues and poses a huge threat to our health. However, if cancer … More

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