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  • June 28, 2022 // Broadband infrared diagnostics
    Mihaela Žigman presented at SPEC 2022 in Dublin

    The 12th International Conference of Clinical Spectroscopy was held in Dublin from June 19-23, 2022. In her presentation “Electric-field molecular fingerprinting of blood: new prospects for probing human health“ Dr. Mihaela Žigman, head of …

  • join Alice in the quantum world

    The school laboratory PhotonLab at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics publishes the pilot episode of …

  • Otto Hahn Medal at first hand
    Solemn ceremony in Berlin: In a festive ceremony, the Max Planck Society once again awarded the Otto Hahn … More
  • ATLAS Day

    Attention all students! If you are interested in physics with the most powerful laser at an university in …

  • Wolf Prize Ceremony 2022

    Ferenc Krausz received his honorary award at the Wolf Prize Ceremony 2022 in Israel at the Knesset on June 16.

  • ramping up clinical study after the pandemic

    Hospitals face challenges associated with COVID-19 daily. Many wards at the LMU Hospital have been closed, …

  • the H4H study reaches 1500 volunteers
    Our Hungarian colleagues have reached a new milestone with their study “Hungary for health”. They have now … More
  • Alice in Quantum Land

    With the new audio play series "Alice in Quantum Land", the PhotonLab at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum …

  • controlling the waveform of ultrashort infrared pulses

    Ultrashort infrared light pulses are the key to a wide range of technological applications. The oscillating …

  • Happy Birthday, dear Ferenc!

    We, the whole attoworld family, wish you, dear Ferenc, all the best for your milestone birthday! We extend our …

  • science4people - new extracurricular initiative

    The unfortunate developments in our part of the world prompted a team of volunteers from Attoworld, led by …

  • virtual talk Prof. Ferenc Krausz

    Prof. Ferenc Krausz Wolf Prize Laureate of 2022 will give a virtual expert talk on his research area of …


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