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  • November 29, 2022 // attoworld
    MPSP location visit

    On last Thursday and Friday a group of students from the Max Planck School of Photonics
    ( ) visited our labs at MPQ and LMU. Our visitors, coming from universities all around Germany and currently …

  • science communication at attoworld
    During a double lesson, Dr. Nathalie Nagl gave a presentation to very interested 12th grade students at the … More
  • Ferenc Krausz held this year´s Einstein lecture in Berlin

    The “Einstein Lectures Dahlem”, hosted by Freie Universität Berlin since 2005 in partnership with several …

  • welcome Behnam!
    The attoworld-team welcomes Behnam Abbasvand Jahedi. Behnam has studied electrical engineering at Tabriz and … More
  • working in Japan can be an invaluable experience

    Shortly after the attoworld team at TU Vienna succeeded in producing the first attosecond light flashes in …

  • visit of our CMF colleagues in Garching
    On Monday and Tuesday, the Budapest employees of CMF visited their colleagues in Garching. After having … More
  • Nobel Laureate visits attoworld

    On the occasion of the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, …

  • light-driven molecular swing

    When light impinges on molecules, it is absorbed and re-emitted. Advances in ultrafast laser technology have …

  • the H4H program reaches a new milestone

    The Health for Hungary (H4H) program of the Centre for Molecular Fingerprinting (CMF) has reached a new …

  • MPG Technology Transfer Grant awarded
    The Max Planck Society has awarded Ioachim Pupeza and his team a technology transfer grant, aiming at … More
  • the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022

    The attoworld team congratulates Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger on winning this year's …

  • CMF presents at attoworld-meeting

    Every autumn, the research groups of the attoworld meet under the leadership of Prof. Ferenc Krausz in their …


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