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  • advanced multilayer optics
  • attosecond metrology 2.0
  • attoworld
  • broadband infrared diagnostics
  • field-resolved infrared metrology
  • field-resolved nano spectroscopy
  • high-repetition-rate femtosecond sources
  • August 18, 2021 // Attosecond metrology 2.0
    unusual properties of photoexited solids

    Photoexcitation by an intense, few-cycle laser pulse usually turns transparent solids into absorbing media because multiphoton transitions mainly deplete the upper valence band and populate the lowest conduction band. Theoretical research …

  • a snapshot of blood serum composition on the cover
    With their Research Article published in “Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.”, Liudmila Voronina, Mihaela Žigman et … More
  • top-cited in Applied Optics
    The AMO-group has now carefully characterized four thin-film e-beam evaporated materials, namely, Ge, YbF3, … More
  • FRM group joins Max Planck-UBC-UTokyo Center for Quantum Materials
    The Field-Resolved Infrared Metrology Research Group has established a new collaboration between the … More
  • trihydrogen formation by intense irradiation
    The attoworld reseach group “field resolved nano spectroscopy”, led by Prof. Matthias Kling, in collaboration … More
  • our colleagues at the CLEO conference
    The CLEO Europe conference — the largest conference on photonics and related research fields — is in full … More
  • measuring the electric field of mid-infrared pulses at a rate of 38,000 times …
    We report measurements of the full electric field of octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses at acquisition rates … More
  • probing the dynamics of photoemission
    When light impinges on matter, the electrons in the sample respond to the input of energy, and the interaction … More
  • a drop in the ocean
    Thousands of researchers are seeking ways to capture human health within a simple probe. Why? Every person is … More
  • two-stage particle-beam booster
    Particle accelerators have made crucial contributions to some of the most spectacular scientific discoveries … More
  • happy birthday, laser!
    On May 16, 1960, the laser was born. The device that Theodore Maiman built, still exists. Together with Ted … More
  • a new era in photoconductive sampling in air
    The electric field waveform of a light field can be used to unlock a detailed recording of its interaction … More

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