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  • advanced multilayer optics
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  • June 15, 2021 // Ultrafast X-ray Physics
    probing the dynamics of photoemission
    When light impinges on matter, the electrons in the sample respond to the input of energy, and the interaction gives rise to what is known as the photoelectric effect. Light quanta (photons) are absorbed by the material and excite the bound … More
  • a drop in the ocean
    Thousands of researchers are seeking ways to capture human health within a simple probe. Why? Every person is … More
  • two-stage particle-beam booster
    Particle accelerators have made crucial contributions to some of the most spectacular scientific discoveries … More
  • happy birthday, laser!
    On May 16, 1960, the laser was born. The device that Theodore Maiman built, still exists. Together with Ted … More
  • a new era in photoconductive sampling in air
    The electric field waveform of a light field can be used to unlock a detailed recording of its interaction … More
  • switching insulators to conductors at high rate
    Scientists at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics of ELKH have reached an important milestone on the … More
  • controling nonlinearities in dispersive dielectric multilayers
    In the paper "Measurement and control of optical nonlinearities in dispersive dielectric multilayers" … More
  • ultrafast currents
    The ultrafast current sampling setup is being built up in the new HORUS Experimental Area. Employing frequency … More
  • taking it personally: a new blood-based test for monitoring persons’ health
    A new study carried out by a team of laser physicists, molecular biologists and physicians based at LMU Munich … More
  • the next level of AS-metrology
    The ACCORD Laser-System operated by the attoworld-team around Prof. Ferenc Krausz at the Max-Planck-Institute … More
  • the coming-of-age of femtosecond enhancement cavities
    Ioachim Pupeza and Maximilian Högner from the Field-Resolved Infrared Metrology Research Group have … More
  • generation of mid-infrared using a BGSe nonlinear crystal
    The „field resolved infrared science“ group has demonstrated for the first time the generation of … More

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