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  • Post-Doc // Development of dispersive mirrors in NIR and MIR ranges

    Since 60s, when the world has seen the first laser, the synthesis and production of multilayer dielectric coatings becomes to play an important role in the laser physics. A multilayer coating could provide much higher reflectivity in comparison to a pure metal mirror. Basing on successes in the multilayer coatings, laser physicists obtain shorter durations and higher intensities of pulses. One can notice that significant breakthroughs in the ultrafast physics in the past 20 years are associated with constitutive steps in the thin-­‐films optics. One of constitutive steps, namely, the invention of chirped mirrors makes possible accurate phase control and generation of single-­cycle optical pulse.


    ATTO Lab


    1. design and fabrication of NIR and MIR multilayer optics;
    2. development and test of different coating process;
    3. characterization of the newly developed near and mid-infrared optics;
    4. apply developed mirrors in laser systems

    Required qualifications:

    1. highly motivated;
    2. experience in thin-films optics;
    3. vacuum technique ;
    4. flexibility;
    5. ability to work in a team
    6. natural curiosity in thin-films multilayer optics and the enthusiasm to study a rapidly developing field of research


    [1] V. Pervak, T. Amotchkina, D. Hahner, S. Jung, Y. Pervak, M. Trubetskov, F. Krausz, “Complementary Si/SiO2 dispersive mirrors for 2-4µm spectral range”, Opt. Exp. 27, 34901 (2019)
    [2] T. Amotchkina, M. Trubetskov, D. Hahner, V. Pervak, “Characterization of e-beam evaporated Ge, YbF3, ZnS, and LaF3 thin films for laser-oriented coatings”, Appl. Opt. 59, A40 (2019)
    [3] T. Amotchkina, M. Trubetskov, S. Hussain, D. Hahner, D. Gerz, M. Huber, W. Schweinberger, I. Pupeza, F. Krausz, V. Pervak, “Broadband dispersive Ge/YbF3 mirrors for mid-infrared spectral range”, Opt. Lett. 44, 5210 (2019)

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    Please send a cover letter, your CV with a list of publications, and upon request, arrange for three letters of recommendation to:

    Dr. Vladimir Pervak
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    Am Coulombwall 1
    85748 Garching


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