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  • Picture of the News article How to get cooler!
    October 9, 2020 // Broadband infrared diagnostics
    how to get cooler!
    The new liquid-nitrogen cooling system at the Centre for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA) fulfills all prerequisites for secure long-term storage of blood donated to the Lasers4Life project. In the Biobank, the samples are maintained … More
  • the Nobel Prize in physics 2020
    Congratulations to the Nobel Prize winners in Physics in 2020. The prize was divided, one half awarded to … More
  • watching photoelectrons
    Towards the advancement of attosecond metrology, Keyhan Golyari prepares the AS2000 beamline for the next … More
  • attoworld annual retreat via zoom
    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 also has an influence on our attoworld annual retreat this year. While last year … More
  • “only science matters”
    In his seminar "The Scientific Essence," Dallas Murphy will discuss how to formulate the first step in the … More
  • Sydney is going to be my home for a much longer time than originally expected
    When the LAP team produced the first attosecond flashes of light in 2001, Alexander Fuerbach was a doctoral … More
  • successful habilitation lecture
    Dr. Ioachim Pupeza successfully gave his habilitation lecture "Passive Optical Resonators for Next-Generation … More
  • a long trip to Italy
    The Femtolaser located in the PhotonLab has been loyal to the LAP-team for many years. Now it is going on a … More

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