If you are enthusiastic about physics, you have to experience it first-hand! For a long time, external on-site visits to our labs were hardly possible because of the Corona pandemic. Finally, the laboratories at attoworld opened their doors again! In this framework the school laboratory Photonlab at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München has now reactivated its programme to get schoolchildren excited about laser research.
In the LEX Photonics building, Dr. Frank Fleischmann takes on the honourable task of introducing schoolchildren to the research of the attoworld activities. After an exciting laser physics lecture, which the students enjoy in the cosy armchairs of the LEX, Frank takes a trip into the laboratory, directly to the laser systems. This is probably the first time many of the students have the possibility to see and experience a high-tech laser laboratory from the inside. There is a lot of interest, especially among the students from the higher grades, with lots of enthusiasm. Experiencing physics up close will be a long lasting memory!
Places are still available for interested pupils! If you are interested, further information on the special programme of the Munich school labs can be found at http://www.muc-labs.de/anmeldung or at Ease-corona@muc-labs.de or you can directly contact staehler-schoepf@mpq.mpg.de.