Ferenc Krausz has received the prestigious “Maximiliansorden”. With this award, the Free State of Bavaria honours his pioneering work in the field of Attosecond physics. Prime Minister Markus Söder presented the “Maximiliansorden” in person at the Bavarian State Chancellery.

The Maximilian Medal for Science and Art, which Markus Söder described in his speech as the “Nobel Prize in white and blue”, is the highest state honour that researchers and artists can receive in Bavaria: “It is a prize that you cannot buy or inherit, but that you have to earn,” Söder explained at the award ceremony.

 “I would like to thank you very much for this award. It is a great honour to be included among the illustrious recipients of this medal,” explained Ferenc Krausz in his acceptance speech, “and I would also like to thank the excellent research conditions in Bavaria.”

The Bavarian Maximiliansorden was originally founded by King Maximilian II of Bavaria. It has existed in its current form since 1980, and the number of living recipients is limited by law to 100. In addition to Ferenc Krausz, the MPQ directors Immanuel Bloch and Theodor Hänsch have also received this high honour.

We are Nobel Prize!

Following the award ceremony, Ferenc Krausz took part in the Cabinet meeting: “Today we had one of the world’s brightest people as a guest in the Cabinet. His Nobel Prize is a task and an incentive for Bavaria so that we can continue to offer the best conditions for the best research with our high-tech agenda,” reads the official statement by Minister President Markus Söder.

Picture: Thorsten Naeser

Charlotte Huber