FRM team member Christina Hofer was invited to present our paper “Mid-infrared electric field sampling approaching single-photon sensitivity” [1] at the EUROPHOTON conference (

We present a Thulium-fiber-laser-based, field-resolved spectrometer, optimized for mid-infrared photon detection efficiency. With this system, we measure few-cycle mid-infrared fields with nearly single-photon sensitivity via electro-optic sampling. This pushes field-resolved spectroscopy to its fundamental limits and paves the way for linear detection of mid-infrared intensities over 18 orders of magnitude.


The talk will be given online, on Thursday, September 3rd, at 13:30


[1] Christina Hofer, Daniel Gerz, Maximilian Högner, Thomas P. Butler, Christian Gaida, Tobias Heuermann, Martin Gebhardt, Nicholas Karpowicz, Jens Limpert, Ferenc Krausz, and Ioachim Pupeza, ‘Mid-infrared electric field sampling approaching single-photon sensitivity’, Th-A1.1, EUROPHOTON (2020).