From July 11-15, 2022, the 8th International Conference on Attosecond Science and Technology is taking place at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. In advance of the expert conference on ultrashort pulse physics, more than 300 scientific papers had been submitted by experts researching on this subject. The conference kicked off last Monday with a tribute to this year’s Wolf Prize winners in physics. Anne L'Huillier, Paul Corkum, and Ferenc Krausz, all luminaries in the field of attosecond physics, gave a talk on their current research. Under the title “Attosecond Metrology 2.0: From Tracking Electronic Motion to Probing Human Health“, Ferenc Krausz presented a virtual lecture on his basic research and that of his research groups in the field of ultrafast physics.
Nathalie Nagl, who currently works as part of the AMPiii and CMF Laser Research teams on making the vision of probing human health with attosecond metrology become reality, also gave a presentation on “Single-cycle infrared waveform generation and control”. Together with Philipp Steinleitner and Maciej Kowalczyk, also main authors of this work, she demonstrated a new, extremely broadband, stable single-cycle infrared laser source with control over the waveforms of the emitted pulses ( For her PhD thesis on the development of the laser driving this unique source, she recently received the Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society.
From the attoworld research group furthermore Amelie Schulte presented at the conference, too (Poster Session: “Towards Field Sampling of Ultrabroadband Continuum Radiation from deep-UV to NIR”).
The ATTO VIII conference is not only rich in experts in this field, but also provides a forum for attoworldians to reunite with associates and alumni, as shown by the presence and presentations of Matthias Kling (“Petahertz field sampling below the diffraction limit”/ Stanford University and SLAC), Sambit Mitra (“Strong light-field controlled valleytronics” / Kling-Group) and Eleftherios Goulielmakis (University of Rostock).