What distinguishes laser light from conventional light sources and how do we generate it? What is the power behind high-intensity laser light? How can lasers help to find early indications of diseases? Dr. Nathalie Nagl will answer all these and many other questions on Saturday, July 24th, between 3 and 4 p.m. at Max-Joseph-Platz Munich as part of the Soap Box Science event. Like Nathalie women scientists will talk about the latest findings of their research - standing on soapboxes and definitely without complicated technical terms or lengthy PowerPoint presentations. This year's topics range from analogue circuits, laser physics, antibiotic resistance and teenagers’ sleep rhythms to our immune system or 3D-printing organs. Half of the talks will be in German, the other half will be in English. Soapbox Science Munich is part of the international initiative ‘Soapbox Science’. This initiative aims to get science and research out of the ivory tower and bring it to the people by literally taking science to the streets. Soapbox Science also aims at challenging stereotypical gender roles in the context of scientific careers by increasing the visibility of women scientists and their work in the general public via their talks. At a Soapbox Science event, women scientists come together in a public square to introduce themselves and their research, while visitors and passers-by can ask questions and discuss with the speakers. Since 2011, around 2000 women scientists worldwide have taken part in Soapbox Science to talk about their research. The Munich organising team by now consists of 16 women scientists from nine different countries and works on a voluntary basis to realise the event. Soapbox Science Munich is financially supported by research institutions of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the Technical University Munich as well as by industry partners (Airbus, Chromotek & BESA). Here you find the program of the Soapbox Science Munich 2021: Email: soapboxsciencemunich@gmail.com Facebook: munich.soapbox Instagram: munichsoapbox Twitter: munichsoapbox LinkedIn: Soapbox Science Munich Youtube: Soapbox Science Munich